Maximise Creative Output

With our streamlined video workflow solution, professionals feel at ease when using Limecraft tools to simplify their production. Quick upload, comprehensive media management and timely export-to-edit is made easy, increasing productivity and allowing producers to explore new creative avenues.

Smart Ingest

Upload your files directly by dropping them in the browser. For more advanced upload scenarios, you can also use our desktop client Limecraft Edge. Edge enables you to keep raw material on your local hard drive while using a high-quality proxy for reviewing and sharing. Upon online edit, Limecraft will automatically replace the proxies with the original footage.

State of the Art Media Management

Limecraft accepts any file format you might come across during your production, including but not limited to Sony, Arri, Panasonic and RED formats. You can use Flow to organize your material. Collections are reviewed, shared and exported to edit suites such as FCP and Premiere with the single click of a button!

Export to Edit

Whether you use Flow to organise material into collections of clips or to rough-cut material on a timeline, you can export your project to any video editing suite with a single click. Upon export, Limecraft will automatically create bins, generate cut lists in the proper format and reconnect with the original footage.

Media at your Fingertips

Our intuitive interface guides you through every process, giving you the power to create, tag, comment and pre-cut material that is easily shared with team members. Finally, creative collaboration that is fun and easy!

Powerful Search

During ingest, Flow detects all various properties in your media, which are available as tags and filters in the library. So you can search for clips with a specific frame rate, a certain video format, a specific duration, etc.

Secure Sharing

At anytime, you can securely share a collection online with colleagues or other people. You don’t need to generate proxies because Limecraft generates a temporary link to an online player which you can paste in an email. Unless you decide otherwise, proxies can only be streamed and not downloaded for security reasons.

Tagging and Logging

Flow features state-of-the-art reviewing and logging tools. The system understands any hashed tags and notifies colleagues you may use in your comments.

Fictional Productions


Edge keeps track of valuable production data like shooting days and the name of the card. Apart from that, Edge cares for audio synchronisation and colour correction, so that the dailies are available the same day.


You can instruct Flow to organise shots into scenes. To do so, you upload a script in either format (Final Draft, CELTX or Adobe Story) and, with the help of the DIT or the script supervisor, shots are automatically assembled into scenes.

Offline and Online Edit

At all time, Flow keeps track of the different copies of your media and at the moment you export your cut lists for finishing, Flow automatically replaces the proxies with clips in the native format.

Factual Productions

Assisted Transcription

Using Flow, transcribing an interview has never been faster! Thanks to built-in speech to text technology, the system automatically transcribes your content with over 95% accuracy. Using Transcriber, you can correct the transcription online.


In Transcriber, you can select quotes in the interview and save them for use in your story. The timecodes are matched to the media timecodes so while assembling textual quotes, you are actually editing video!

Visual Story Editing

You can use Flow to organise quotes and shots into story lines that make up your documentary or magazine. At anytime, Flow manages the links with the underlying media so your editor gets a headstart.

Newsrooms and Archives

Processing Newsfeeds

Limecraft Edge can be set up to ingest and process material in bulk, including newsfeeds, material stored on shared drives or managed by 3rd party Asset Management systems.

Logging and Tagging

Logging and tagging content on Flow is fast and intuitive. Use the convenient keyboard shortcuts to create subclips with a description and tags. All metadata on clips and subclips is immediately available for searching.


Flow can be instructed to export your assets to any 3rd party Asset Management or Newsroom Computer System.

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