Limecraft Transcriber uses Speech-To-Text technologies to assist editorial staff and archivists to transcribe and pre-cut factual or fictional digital content. During the transcription, the user has access to correct the result at anytime, and then prepare scenes into shots that can be directly imported into any video editing software. Transcriber provides output in various formats, including PDF, CSV or any common video editing suites (Avid, Premiere, FC) and is currently available in English (American and British), French, German, Spanish and Dutch.


Computer-assisted Transcription

We analyse the audio in your media and recognize all speech with a high accuracy. This reduces the time it takes to create an high quality transcript by many orders of magnitude!

Transcript Based Video Selection

Every single word in your transcript is linked to a position in your video. This means you can create subclips by simply selecting the spoken text in your transcript! These subclips can be used to create a first pre-cut which can be played out or exported to your edit suite.

Speech Segmentation

Transcriber cuts the timeline into distinct speech fragments and renders a timeline with fragments grouped per speaker.

Transcript-based Search

Once you have created a transcript you can search for subclips where a certain text is spoken out loud. You can also search all subclips spoken by a given speaker.

Transcriber is accessible through Limecraft Flow and runs on top of any instance of Limecraft.

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