Limecraft Flow is a comprehensive online production environment for film and video production, designed for maximum interaction during the shooting, story editing and post-production process. Flow imports any type of digital content, including video files, images and documents. Editorial work includes transcription, clip selection and story editing. Due to its cloud-based platform, Limecraft Flow allows operation from different locations and a myriad of collaborators, ensuring material is correctly delivered to the right place and to the right users. Upon export for editing, all creative decisions are assembled, shots are aligned with the story and cut lists are automatically synchronized back-and-forth from the post-production workstation.


Smart Ingest

Footage is ingested by simple drag-and-drop, and immediately made available for further processing. Automatic cut and speaker segmentation speed up the editorial processes downstream.
Photo by John Brawley, taken from Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnbrawley/6835345620/sizes/o/

Native Camera Formats

Reads and writes all common file and video formats, takes care of all conversions and exchanges back-and-forth to studios, craft-editors and distribution systems.


Arri Alexa






RED Digital Cinema R3D

Assisted Logging

Material is easily reviewed from any location, enabling the filmmaker to transcribe the video and the editors to review the material prior to further processing.

Share and Exchange

Upon Ingest, material is easily and securely shared between editorial staff and commissioner of the project for review purposes.

Export to Post-production

Limecraft Flow assists during offline edit and synchronizes cut lists back-and-forth from editing systems.

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