For more advanced upload scenarios, you can also use our desktop client Limecraft Edge. Uploading files directly from your local server with Edge allows you to keep raw material central, while uploading only a high-quality proxy versions to the Limecraft Flow platform. Available for Windows and Mac.


Media Backup and Offload

When uploading clips from a card or disc with Edge, checksum-verified backups of source media are immediately performed and prepared with all necessary metadata to organize footage.

Photo by John Brawley

Native camera formats

Reads and writes all common file and video formats, takes care of all conversions and exchanges back-and-forth to studios, craft-editors and distribution systems.

Arri Alexa






RED Digital Cinema R3D

Timecode-based Audio Sync

Performs timecode-based sync between video rushes and separately recorded audio.

Transcode and Transfer

Send your media to a remote location, optionally transcoding it as well. The descriptions, ratings and tags added in Edge are transferred with your material. If you transfer proxies to Flow, the link with your original material will be restored upon export.

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60′ proxy storage

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