Limecraft offers a complete online media production platform deployed in the cloud that requires no installation or maintenance.

FLOW - Comprehensive Production Environment

Limecraft Flow reads and writes all common file and video formats, takes care of all conversions and exchanges back-and-forth to studios, craft-editors and distribution systems, thus completely removing the technical complexity from the end-user.

EDGE - Faster Than Real-time Ingest

To ingest and offload, Limecraft implements Edge, allowing film and video productions to keep raw material on their local systems while uploading only high-quality proxy versions to Limecraft Flow. For larger productions, use of the Edge server is offered on-set or in post-production facilities for centralized high volume content processing and storage.

TRANSCRIBER - Transcription Made Easy

Limecraft Transcriber uses Speech-to-Text technologies to automate transcription of audio-visual material, allowing editorial staff and archivists to efficiently search and retrieve factual or fictional digital content. Transcriber is accessible through Flow and runs on top on any instance of Limecraft.

Get started with Flow for free

Your 3 month trial includes the following features

1 production

unlimited users

60′ proxy storage

1GB data storage