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Use Limecraft Subtitle Editor to create subtitles for your video in minutes. We focus on the basics to keep the complexity of subtitle editing low.

How to enter the Subtitle Editor

Find the Edit Subtitles action on a clip thumbnail and click it.

Note: Can’t find the Edit Subtitles action? It is not part of our standard offering yet. Contact support@limecraft.com if you are interested in using the Subtitle Editor.

When you open the Subtitle Editor for a clip which has no subtitles yet, you’ll see a window similar to the one below:

In cases where the audio and the quality of the speaker are good enough, you can take a shortcut using automated subtitling. However, this article focuses on manually creating the subtitles from scratch, so click ‘SKIP‘. The right side of the screen changes.

Create your first subtitle

Creating a subtitle is simple. You need to perform three actions:

  • Move the player’s playhead to the time where you want your subtitle to appear, and mark it as the IN point of your subtitle
  • Do the same for the out-point
  • Provide the text for your subtitle

Let’s move that playhead around. This can be done using the gray buttons at the bottom of the screen or using shortcuts.

Control the player

When writing subtitles, these are the most useful actions on the player:

SPACEBAR Press spacebar to toggle between playing / pausing the clip. This has the same effect as clicking the play button:
play-range Ctrl + SPACEBAR
Cmd + SPACEBAR (Mac)
After marking an in and out timecodes (discussed below), this button will play the range between the in and out points.
prev-frame g (previous frame) The player’s current playhead position is shown at the bottom left of the screen:


The buttons on the left and right of it can be used to move the playhead one frame back in time or one frame forward (shortcuts g and h).

It is also possible to move the playhead one second back in time by pressing the left arrow key. The right arrow key moves the playhead one second forward.

next-frame h (next frame)
LEFT ARROW (step one second back)
RIGHT ARROW (step one second forward)

Writing a subtitle

Go ahead and experiment with the player controls. Now move the playhead to where you want the first subtitle to appear, and pause the player.

The lower right part of the screen contains the tool where new subtitles are written:

Click where it says ‘Click to add a new subtitle’ (shortcut n), and write your subtitle’s text:

Note the timecodes above your text? These are the in and out points of the subtitle you are editing. The defaults of the in and out points are set like this:

  • The in point defaults to your current playhead position, the moment you click inside the input tool
  • The out point defaults to one second after the in point

Change the timing

To change the timing of this subtitle, simply click the timecodes. The input tool changes to look like this:


Now you can move the playhead around and press set IN or set OUT to change the in and out points.

 set-in (shortcut i) Use the current playhead position as the in point
set-out (shortcut o) Use the current playhead position as the out point
play-range Ctrl + SPACEBAR
Cmd + SPACEBAR (Mac)
Play the range between the in and out points.

Click the green tick  green-check (shortcut ENTER) to save the timecode changes, or press the cross (shortcut ESCAPE) to cancel them.

Save it

Now you have provided text for your subtitle and you tweaked its appearance and disappearance timing. Save the subtitle by pressing the green tick green-check next to your text (shorcut Shift+ENTER). Your subtitle is saved and will appear in the list of subtitles on the right of the screen.

When you move the playhead within the range of the subtitle, it will be shown in overlay on the player, as shown below:



Shortcuts Shortcuts Shortcuts!

Using keyboard shortcuts to create subtitles will boost your productivity significantly. This is how you create subtitles without touching the mouse:

  • Manipulate the playhead using SPACEBAR, left arrow, right arrow, g and h keys and make it pause at the desired in-point of your subtitle
  • Press i, to mark this as the in-point of your subtitle
  • Move the playhead to the desired out-point of your subtitle
  • Press o, to mark this as the out-point of your subtitle
  • Press enter to save the timecodes
  • Write your subtitle text
  • Press Shift+enter to save the subtitle
  • (optionally) Pressing i at this point will create the next subtitle with its in-point just after the out-point of the previously created subtitle.



Edit existing subtitles

See a mistake in one of the subtitles? You can click on the text to start editing it, or click in the timecodes to edit them.

Change your work area

At the top right corner of the application, you’ll find the help buttons and some toggles to show or hide panes in the application.


Go ahead and try clicking some of the buttons. Click the button again to revert the action. For example, you can show the transcript alongside the subtitles.

The help button on the far right will show a menu with a ‘talk to us’ option. Click it to get in touch! We like to help you out if you get stuck for some reason, and we like to hear your experiences with the application!