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The Flow Player allows you to view your material in a browser. Any media you upload to your Flow Library will trigger an ingest workflow which creates web-playable proxy versions of your media. So the player will render a proxy version of your media, not the original.

Note: If you upload material via Edge, make sure to also transfer a web-proxy version, otherwise the ingest workflow will not run and your material won’t be playable in the browser. Also, if you play your material in Edge (instead of the browser), you can also play back the original material (instead of the web-proxy version).



Overview of player controls

Depending on the context, some of the controls might not be visible.

slower faster Increase / Decrease playback speed. The default playback speed is 1x. A playback speed of 2x is twice as fast. A playback speed of 0.5x is twice as slow. When the playback speed is too high or too low, the video will be muted.

shortcut: SPACEBAR

Toggle play / pause.
prev-frame next-frame

Shortcut: g and h

Jump to previous / next frame.
Toggle fullscreen playout.
Select playback quality.

In Flow you will be able to choose between SD and HD (720p) resolution.

In Edge you will be able to choose between RAW (your original file) and PROXY (web proxy) versions.

Show / Hide timecode overlay. The timecode is detected in your material.
Change playback volume
Toggle back-to-back playout mode. This applies to the Details View of a clip. When multiple clips have been selected, the player will move on to the next clip if the previous clip finishes playing.
Play the selected range. In screens where a selection can be made on the timeline, this button will only play this range.
Toggle spatial subclips overlay. This applies to the Details View of a clip. When active, subclips are shown in overlay on the player. You can reposition the subclips on the video frame.
shortcut: left and right arrows Seek the player one second back or one second forward
shortcut: shift+left and shift+right arrows Seek the player to selection start / selection end.