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Team members can collaborate on your Flow production. Depending on the permissions they are given in your production, team members will be able to view, ingest and log material, view scripts and stories and more.


Invite team members to your production

Click on the caret next to your production name in the topmost navigation, and select ‘Team’ in the dropdown that opens.


The team page lists your entire team and the rights they have in your production. Initially, you are the only team member. This is a bit sad, so click on the large plus button to start inviting more people to your production!


The invite dialog pops up. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and click on Send Email.

If you want to restrict what the person can do in the production, you can change the permissions on the right. You can also change the message which will appear in the invitation mail the team member will receive.


The invited person will now receive a mail with a link to your production. When they accepted the invitation, they will appear in the team overview.

Control what a team member can do

By default, a team member can do everything in your production. You can limit the actions a team member can perform by restricting his permissions. For instance, it is possible to prevent a team member to add material or to log.

Available permissions


  • View – The team member can view all team members
  • Manage – The team member can also invite and delete team members. He can also change permissons on a team member.


  • View – The team member can view episodes and stories
  • Manage – The team member can also edit episodes and stories


  • View – The team member can view the library
  • Manage – The team member can also upload material, delete material and log material


  • View – The team member can view the clips and subclips assigned to collections, stories and scenes
  • Manage – The team member can change the clips and subclips assigned to collections, stories and scenes


  • View – The team member can view production details
  • Manage – The team member can change production details like the title and the production picture

Set permissions during invite

During invite, the permissions are shown on the right of the invite dialog.


Change permissons of a team member

If you want to change the permissons of an existing team member, go to the Team page. If you hover over a team member, action buttons are shown. Click on the button with the pencil icon to edit a team members’ roles:


A dialog opens with the permissons of the team member. You can change them and press Save.