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Limecraft Flow is a comprehensive online production environment for film and video production, designed for maximum interaction during the shooting, story editing and post-production process. Flow imports any type of digital content, including video files, images and documents.

Editorial work includes transcription, clip selection and story editing. Due to its cloud-based platform, Limecraft Flow allows operation from different locations and a myriad of collaborators, ensuring material is correctly delivered to the right place and to the right users.

Upon export for editing, all creative decisions are assembled, shots are aligned with the story and cut lists are automatically synchronized back-and-forth from the post-production workstation.


Set up your Limecraft account

Before you can use Limecraft Flow, you’ll have to take an account. Don’t worry, it is free and will only take a minute!

Collaboration and Team Management

Team members can collaborate on your Flow production. Depending on the permissions they are given in your production, team members will be able to view, ingest and log material, view scripts and stories and more.

Flow Player

The Flow Player lets you view your material in the browser

Working with collections

Organising your clips in collections keeps things clear as the number of clips in your production grows.

Story Builder app – create A/V scripts

With the Story Builder, you write your story. As you shoot and ingest material into Flow, you make rough cuts for each story part and export the story to your edit suite.

Clip details

View all details of one or more clips using View Details.

Subclip details

Get full control and insight into the subclips of a clip using the Subclips tab of the Clip Details page.

Writing your first transcript using Limecraft Transcriber

Using Limecraft Transcriber, you to create transcripts for your audio and video in minutes. We keep the transcription in sync with the media, word-for-word, so a text selection in your transcript will always correspond to proper in- and outpoint in your media.