LimecraftWappaTaglicht Media and Raindance have been granted a MEDIA project. The involved partners are committed to deliver a co-production platform targeting the community of producers of audiovisual media. The specific objective is to demonstrate the technical and operational feasibility of an online production application. The project‘NordicLight’ starts in January 2012 and has a duration of 36 months.

Despite the proliferation of user-friendly technology, the main challenge today for occasional and institutional producers remains the management of vast amounts of content, and in particular the retrieval of items of in large databases. In a world where digital content is ubiquitous, the ability to make sense of everyday information is key.

During this project, we will set up an online application that is capable of supporting the different actors throughout the production processes of audiovisual media. The production platform will manage all media and their associated meta-data. The primary goal is to reduce the cycle time of the production by avoiding manual processing of information. Then again, based on a careful selection of open standards, we intend to deploy a system that is genuinely designed for collaborative production and geographically distributed operations.

NordicLight will be built on Limecraft’s existing search technology. The core of this technology is an indexing system optimised for disclosure and re-use of audiovisual material. Due to its ability to understand the contents of the media assets, unrivalled retrieval rates in archives and production systems can be achieved. Based on this technology, Limecraft and Wappa will create a number of turn-key, cost-effective and time-saving applications that together support the production process end-to-end. In essence, by forming a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece of audiovisual material, irrespective of data type and storage location, we will enable organisations to connect their information silos and make the most of their assets. Through meaningful computing, we will be able to automatically analyse, collect, organise and adapt assets according to the specific requirements of any particular production process, thus re-defining the meaning of Media Asset Management.

Limecraft is the coordinator of NordicLight and is responsible for the development of the production applications. As an independent solution provider, Limecraft delivers software infrastructure that automates complex operations on audiovisual material. Limecraft spans the full spectrum of mission-critical applications, including editorial, production, post-production and distribution.

Wappa is a Romania-based software development company specialised in complex back-end application logic. NordicLight will allow Wappa to strengthen its position in the media sector, by extending its portfolio with a content management framework, primarily addressing the media sector but eventually expanding to other sectors as well.

Professionals in the audiovisual field will help to define the functional requirements and will provide content. They will also test the robustness of the system and the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the workflows and interfaces. Raindance reaches scriptwriters, producers, cameramen, sound engineers, production assistants and directors. Their members are active in every genre possible (documentary, feature film, shorts, animation and experimental films). Organised with local branches around Europe, their activities will allow us to fully test the collaborative aspect of our system and to become familiar with cultural or linguistic differences in production processes. Taglicht Media is a production company specialised in high profile feature documentaries. They represent the traditional production and distribution process, yet they have realised the importance of new media technology.

NordicLight is partially funded by the MEDIA programmeMEDIA is an instrument of the Executive Agency responsible for Education, Audiovisual and Cultural matter. It has been set up to support the European audiovisual sector. The specific objective of new technology pilots is to ensure that the latest technologies are developed into marketable solutions, and are thus made available to the European audiovisual sector, and in particular to strengthen the European cultural tissue.

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